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Laboratoires Innova Pharm

Since 1999, INNOVA PHARM laboratories have been exclusively designing, developing and marketing functional orthodontic appliances.

Above all, we want to bring you the best, not only in the quality of our products that all meet the FDA and USP class VI regulations, but also in the quality of our relationship with you, a relationship that we want to imprint with simplicity, closeness and availability.

  • Déglutix
  • Orthodontic shields
  • Mouthguards
  • Proccluseurs
  • Functionnel 
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Actualité septembre 2017

New videos available!

Actualité juillet 2017

Find the exclusive Déglutix images!

Actualité septembre 2017

Deglutix videos

New videos: the déglutix

Find our new videos in your professional space, under the "videos" tab.

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